Fasting Guidelines: Is it all it’s made out to be?

How many of you have gotten overwhelmed with the implications of fasting? Not many people would argue the point that every Christian should be living a lifestyle of fasting. But when they think about having to go 1, 3, 7 or 21 days without eating food at all their palms get sweaty, their stomach moans and they think “I could never do that.” I believe many Christians miss out on the growth and joy of this discipline that is required and exemplified in Scripture. I could go into the biblical benefit and reason we should fast regularly, but for this article I’m going to stick with exploring scripture examples, Jesus’ commands and the diversity that fasting can entail. I’ve come to realize, people can feel trapped when it comes to fasting; each individual should feel freedom in what fasting looks like for them, rather then neglecting the actual biblical call to fast.

Let me share some biblical fasts that are not what we’d normally envision for our next fast. It’s written about John the Baptist that he and his disciples fasted often; what did that look like for him? The Bible shares that he ate only locusts and honey; a diet of locusts and honey may have been considered a fast without it having to be 40 days without any food at all like Jesus. Apparently that fasted lifestyle produced in John something for Jesus to say that there were none born of a woman greater than John the baptist!

Man shall not live on bread alone
Photo: Jeremy Bardwell

Daniel lived a fasted lifestyle for years simply by eating only fruits and veggies. In another point in Daniel’s life he spent 3 weeks in concentrated fasting by not eating anything that even tasted good to him; That might sound harder than actually giving up food completely! The prophet Ezekiel ate only a certain recipe of bread giving to him by God for a period of time; while laying on his side! There are other examples of Paul or Esther who fasted 3 days without food OR drink! The early church continued a culture of fasting at Antioch where they were “fasting and ministering to the Lord.” As you can see, these few pillars in the faith lived in a culture of fasting, reaped the benefits clearly through their lives and all of them looked drastically different than the other.

Grilled Cheesus
Can you see Jesus in what you eat? hahah. Gag gift giving to my by my best man!

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom primarily concerned about the heart. When we encounter Jesus, we want to fast because we realize the supremacy of the spiritual over the natural. We recognize that spending time away from good or even essential things weakens our response to our flesh and requires us to rely on the Spirit. Which is why Saul simply refused to eat after he encountered Jesus on the Damascus road, he knew he needed something from God’s Spirit.

It’s in that place of the heart turned and set apart to God that He responds. 

For myself, during my encounter with God in my senior year, I woke up one day with a strong conviction that I needed to not eat anything and only seek God until I felt something shift. Nobody taught me, I didn’t see a culture of it exemplified, I just felt a conviction from God as I sought Jesus that year. Later on in my journey I began to feel God telling me to give up fast food, then other things, until I’m where I am now as a Vegan. Call it a diet, or call it a fast, but I’ve responded to what I felt from God and it’s totally consecrated to Him. I know i’ll reap the reward for abstaining from these things in response to God’s plan for my life.

If you aren’t convinced of the necessity of fasting, read these scriptures.
Jesus says in Matthew 6:16 “when you fast,” then He continued on to address heart postures in fasting. In both Matthew 9 and Mark 2 Jesus says that once He leaves the earth “then they WILL fast in that day.”

I believe we all should be practicing regular fasting. However, in the Kingdom of God, it’s always about the heart. Our heart posture should include fasting, but only what Jesus tells you to do as an act of obedience and devotion; Like Ezekiel, like John the Baptist, like Daniel.

“Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand” “So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.” Romans 14:4;12

In closing, as Christians, let’s respond to His prompting through scripture and the Holy Spirit. Let’s live a fasted lifestyle; but not need others or cultural norms to dictate what that looks like for us.

Smoothie Simm
Photo: Natalie Bardwell. This is in no way suggesting children should fast! haha!

So maybe you just need to give up the donuts or meat for a time. Or do you need to give up all food for a couple days? God is after something deeper – a set apart lifestyle, in health, to Him. Take on regular fasting, let it produce in you a self control over your desires and a lifestyle of health. Along with it also, the faith and power in prayer Jesus promises. He thought it was a good idea, he gave the command, he sacrificed all, so let’s sacrifice with him!

Give yourself more freedom and grace then you may have put on yourself before; It’s about you and Jesus.

What type of fasting have you participated in? What do the scriptural examples and Jesus’ commands speak to you about fasting?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

2 clear next steps for the Bombergers

These two steps have been in the process over the past year. God preparing us, aligning things and speaking to our hearts.
We’ve never been more certain that this is what God is saying in 2015. Join us in the journey!

Step 1. We’re moving to California this January!

10635775_10152642193381773_6668136733315025425_n  California Sunrise

This is the biggest next step we’ve taken since marriage. A national OneLove / Circuit Rider office has formed in Huntington Beach California. The past 2 years Amy and I have been hubbing out of Harrisburg Pa, traveling to different colleges in the North East and running trainings and gathering in Lancaster and a few other cities with Circuit Riders. It’s now a time of centralizing in Southern California where we’ll grow as a team and continue to travel across the nation. We’ll continue to gather, train and catalyze College and High School leaders from different key cities and schools that we’ve developed relationship with.

We believe as this wave of awakening and harvest hits America, Amy and I need to involve oureselves in this team further. We’re deepening our relationships for training’s now and much more fruitfulness and health in what God’s pouring out in the future.

For Lancaster,

Lancaster City SunriseWe’re in no way losing our heart for Lancaster, or discounting the words i’ve spoken about it. We love all our friends and family here! We’re believing and are seeing an incredible move of Holy Spirit in Lancaster, and it’ll only increase with the people I know are serving in the region! There are so many gifted and able leaders in Lancaster, actively stewarding what God is pouring out.

For myself, I’m confident that my gifts will be better utilized as God gives opportunities for us to encourage, speak and proactively serve from a different location.

This Family in revival is growing across the nation! And a bigger, more tight knit family only means a greater ability to care for new family members that come into Jesus’ Family. We’re all believing for 80,000,000 to be added in America!

Take the Step with us:
by praying about giving a Year End gift to help with the move, or join our monthly financial support team! Every amount helps!

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Step 2. Developing our own businesses; Releasing Creativity. 

Both of us are setting aside time to develop skills and creativity to engage culture and become more sustainable.

For Joel, Its the Coffee that’s keeping Him up!
Brewing Coffee in Chemex

This next step starts with a vision trip to Michigan this weekend. This will be the fourth trip this Fall, through which Joel and Chris have founded a “Third Wave” Coffee Business in sync with a missions base in Holland Michigan.

Joel will be spending the weekend praying and developing strategy and vision while making decisions about trips and Coffee opportunities in a few countries overseas. They’re also confirming plans for internships, Barista training and further networking.

Request Coffee Service

For Amy, It’s the yarn, paint and craft materials that are taking her time.

Amy is highly creative, and her next step is having the time to pursue these dreams.

Nations Banner

For a couple years we’ve both been bouncing around the ideas of writing comics, children books, greeting cards, knitting and making other crafts! All of which we’ve had experience with and excelled in in our teenage years.

We’re planning on spending time in this season to further develop skills and products as we live in this highly creative community and expand our networks across the country.

There are plans for freelance work, online shops and specific products. Stay tuned and keep checking back on our website as we develop these things further!

Happy Birthday JamesTake the step with us:
-by sharing our services with others.
-Helping provide materials, equipment and opportunities!
-Requesting our Coffee Service (Event Catering, Coffee shop Consulting, Barista Training. etc.)
-Request a customized craft, card or illustration.

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Highschoolers across the nation want Jesus!

Highschoolers from all over the nation are hungry to know Jesus.
More than that, Jesus is exploding to encounter them! Waiting for someone to share with them His love and joy.
While in California this past October we went to 3 different Highschools in LA county. The Circuit Rider team in Huntington Beach has been getting connecting with the ministries on the campuses and partnering with the Bible Clubs in the Highschools. We went to just serve and be there for the students. I was completely blown away by what God is pouring out in these schools! I had heard stories, but to see it was different; God is doing a sovereign work of His Holy Spirit right now waiting for His people to respond with action.A few specific stories; this student didn’t need his crutches anymore! 
Each Highschool we went to there were Highschoolers wide-eyed with wonder and excitement as we shared Jesus’ love with them. Many of these students were physically healed, others tangibly encountering God’s joy and other surrendering their hearts to Him!
One story happened after school, while hanging out in the quad, I approached a boy with crutches. After asking, he mentioned his knee was sprained while playing sports and wasn’t able to use it, though it was slowly healing. I told him Jesus loves him and wants to take away all his pain right now. We prayed and after the second prayer he was able to put all his weight on it! Praise God! After I shared more with him and his girlfriend about Jesus he got up to go and walked away without a limp with his girlfriend carrying his crutches!Similar to that story, after bible club I walked by 2 students sitting outside and God gave me a word of knowledge for their elbows and wrist. They both had elbow pain, and one had sprained his wrist, I never would’ve guessed and in fact almost didn’t say anything, but it ended up being completely accurate. They sat there befuddled, and after I prayed for them they both started laughing wondering why both their arms were tingling and feeling funny. I told them it was the Holy Spirit and He was showing them that Jesus loves them. They moved their arms around and looked at me shocked saying there was no pain at all anymore! They than immediately said that they would be coming to Bible Club next week, having said right before that encounter that they didn’t want to go. These stories of God encountering students are all over, He’s drawing students’ to Himself with His love!

Big Picture Faith
More than single student encounters, I was even more blown away by what God is doing that’s making an impact on the entire school.
One school in California has grown their Bible Club to over 400 students. They gather weekly in the gym. Students pile in for 20 minutes to hear the Gospel preached with clarity, many new students encountering God for the first time, and others slowly letting walls down. This is the same Highschool that has a planned parenthood on campus. Teachers have confessed that their school is being flipped upside down, in a good way!! It’s incredible the level of hunger in these students lives!
Back on the East Coast in the Spring there was a 400+ weekend gathering of Highschoolers from all across Lancaster county. There was a representative from almost every Highschool in Lancaster with the goal of getting equipped for evangelism and the Gospel to go back and impact their schools. During the 2 sessions, students were physically healed just in the act of worship! One sharing that she was delivered from a demonic “darkness” that had plagued her since she was 11. Many other stories came from this weekend, but this one really stirred my faith:
In a response to that gathering, one 10th grade girl felt called to lead a similar gathering in the county next to Lancaster. This 15 year old called youth leaders, pastors and students and rented a space for a weekend training of Highschoolers!! She said she had a supernatural boldness come over her as she talked about the event, admitting she is usually more reserved and shy when it comes to talking with others. A 15 year old girl, gathering a whole region of youth groups and students! That is amazing!!
A team of us spoke at the event this November and we saw many students filled with faith and an encounter with God that will change their whole highschool experience! With other testimonies of healings and deliverances, i’ve also had several discussions with others who, inspired from that weekend, are wanting to hold “Jesus parties” to preach the gospel to their unsaved friends. Others are planning other worship nights and bible study initiatives in their schools!
God is moving among these Highschools!

What’s Ahead for Highschools?
I’m extremely excited as Amy and I talk about getting more and more involved in Highschool ministry. We know more and more stories will be coming as we’re seeing God sweeping across the Highschools in a Jesus movement! We’re excited we get to be apart.
We’re planning on partnering more with Jake and Kathy Mason with the Circuit Riders in Southern California. We’re dreaming about training camps for Highschools in 3 or 4 different locations across America this Summer. I’m anticipating what unfolds on both the East and West coasts as students are planning their own initiatives and God continues to move to reach the lost!

Personally, it was in my senior year of Highschool that God changed my life.
Do you remember a pivotal moment with God in your highschool years?

Is Jesus really my friend!?

I’d like to share breifly on 2 different encounters i’ve had with God. I was reminded of them as I shared at Ephrata Community Church’s youth group this Sunday. I shared on the importance of spending time with God over anything else in our lives. These encounter’s are 2 significant dreams in my life that I often look back to, and they lign up with Biblical truth that God was communicating to me, and what I was trying to communicating to these highschoolers, If we can get this one thing, I’m convinced, we’ll be set for the rest of our lives!

The one encounter happened pretty early on, during my senior year as I was being awakened in my faith in Jesus. I remember being in the half awake / half asleep state, debating whether or not I should spend time in prayer before I fell asleep. Immediately, in that weird dream, yet almost concious state, I found myself in a bright white room. I saw a figure like a man, who was all white, with a white face. For some reason, I knew it was Holy Spirit. He looked at me, pointed straight up and said

“He is YOUR FRIEND, and He’s worth 15 minutes of your time.”

I immediately jerked awake with that “falling feeling,” with my heart pounding! Needless to say, I got on my knee’s, chatted with Jesus for atleast 15 minutes before crawling back in bed. It was worth it, and is everytime!
Later on in my walk with God, while living on a YWAM base in Harrisburg, I had another peculiar dream. I had been doing ministry but had seeminly been getting “no where” in terms of what I really felt God calling me to do. There was alot of unanswered questions, unfulfilled promises and expectations of what I felt like God had spoke to me about. I felt pretty discombobulated during those couple of months. The dream was relatable.

In it I was riding in a car, trying to get to a specific destination. I knew that’s where the car was supposed to be taking me. However, the driver kept taking detours, picking people up and going everywhere but the place I knew I was “supposed” to go. I was so frustrated and at one point even got out of the car, to find that my feet stopped working and started wheeling me to other directions. It was an extremely aggrivating dream at this point. At the pinnacle of the dream, one of my leaders and good friends looks at me and says

“It’s a funny thing the Lord is doing isn’t it?”

 I look back even more confused as I hear a distinct voice from heaven say


I snapped awake, and realized the sad reality of the situation was that I missed the point. It’s not necessarily about fulfilling dreams, goals or even prophecies over your life. It’s not about ministry, impact or your calling. It really is all about being with Jesus and following Him. And when we spend time reguarly hanging out with Jesus, as we do a friend, that is the only thing that will get us to the destination we want to go, and He wants to take us.
This is such a key paradigm shift. I feel like God has to remind me monthly, weekly and sometimes daily of this powerful truth. It’s all about being with Jesus.

As you approach reading the Bible, as you offer up prayers or maybe even spend time fasting, do it because Jesus is your friend and He just wants to be with you. As you look at your life, your dreams, aspirations and goals, remember, Jesus just wants to be with you and the moment we stop spending time in Him, the moment our goals become futile.

A National Movement – Excerpt from Newsletter

Hey friends!

I felt like I should share a snippet of an update Newsletter I sent out this past week about what the Bombergers have been up to in 2014.
Feel free to read the whole thing Here, and Feel free to Subscribe!
Also, pardon the messy format below- it didn’t copy over as well as I’d hoped!

Thanks for reading!  Comment and let us know what you think!



National Momentum!

Amy and I have been priviledged this past year, and upgraded to see things from a broader perspective. Spending time this Summer in California coaching a callaborative leadership school, as well as spending time in Michigan with a College ministry leader helped launch us into a National storyline and upgrade of faith.

God is moving in the Nation!

College Students are longing for the love of Jesus! I’ve been astounded at how hungry for truth and love each student is as we travel to different college campuses. This past Spring we traveled to 6+ Campuses and held 3 different workshops in the North East. As our team toured across the NE we saw physical healings, freedom, many gatherings planned and several students so gripped they flew out to California for 3 weeks to become trained further!

These students are full of fire and zeal and are becoming activists on their campuses!

Penn State:

During the first weekend of classes, the Christian students hosted a field concert of 1,000+ mostly non-christian students. They preached the Gospel after and atleast 25 people gave their hearts to Jesus and had clear follow up!!

These students are our friends and were largely inspired by a workshop we held in Washington DC this spring gathering college students from across the East.

Praise God for His multiplication! These are just the beginnings of “fields” and gatherings that will increase to more salvations!

The harvest is ripe!

 This Fall:

a National Tour!

“The Living Room Tour”

8 cities in America, this fall! 

Rallying around a national campaign:

“Carry the love.”

It will be a time to “grow the National Family” in city-wide “living rooms” and activate others to “Carry the love!”

We’ve seen multiplication take place already!

These gatherings are always so fun! Worship blows up with massive freedom and joy! Creativity and love is released, Bodies are healed, students are filled with faith!

Our crew on the East is helping host

Philadelphia, Boston & New York’s stops.

Amy and I will be traveling to atleast 4 of the stops! Also bringing teams & friends from Lancaster to different initiatives. 

What fun that we get to do this is a Family!

Young adults are hungry for Jesus all over the Nation!

click on this video! 

YOUR FINANCIAL GIFT IS APPRECIATED and NEEDED to continue in ministry full time!Sow into the Gospel going forward :: 1 Cor. 9:14

We’re currently at 1100$ Monthly of our 2000$ a month need!
Thanks to all who make this possible! 

GIVE ONLINE with PAYPAL sent to:
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Demons flying, healings & crying – Jesus being glorified. 

Wanted to share a quick re-cap, update and testimony from this past weekend. I hope the title was catchy, though not offensive. It is actually quite true, Jesus is being glorified all over the place! All over the Nation, the East and specifically right here in Lancaster. The past 2 Saturdays I’ve ministered with Jake Kail as he taught on the topic of deliverance from demons; in addition, there was a prayer time immediately after service on Sunday morning at Threshold Church that I was apart of. Included in these testimonies was a meeting at Haverford College in Philadelphia, where our team from YWAM Circuit Riders held a gathering last Friday night. It’s been a healing and deliverance weekend!

What I’ll share is that during these past 2 weekends, Many people cried under the power of the Holy Spirit as either myself or another one from the crew prayed for them. Some were getting their hearts healed and free’d to live more like Jesus; others were physically touched and healed while still others had real manifestations of evil spirits leaving their bodies.

First I’ll share about Friday. On the way down to the gathering in Philly, I got a mental picture of one of the singers holding her knee in pain; My knee also began to hurt as I saw this. That’s not uncommon for the Holy Spirit to do to me, but I was confused, because I was personal friends with all the worship team and didn’t think any of them experiences issues with their knee’s. Once down there I had almost forgot about it! During the meeting, Students were touched, commissioned, prayed for and committing their lives to carry the love of Jesus to their campus! It was a joy!! But there was still more I had to do!
Being obedient to the mental image I had, I approached my friend Rachel (one of the singers), a tad reluctant. Surprisingly enough, She explained how she slipped at work and had large bruises on her knee’s as well as swelling. They had been giving her sharp, annoying pain all week! 

After I prayed for her, she reached down to feel her knee’s and the bruising and pain was gone, Just like that! She continued to explain how she had just been thinking this week how she had always wanted God to touch her like that, having prayed for others and seeing things like it, but never receiving anything personally! God singled her out, heard her thoughts, touched her with His love and healed her pain! He’s so good!The next morning, she reported they were still completely better and was still in awe! Praise God! 

Now, for the “flying” demons. Haha! These spirits were uncovered because of Jake’s teachings and then corporate time of prayer, but primarily because of Jesus’ Kingship! Each instance on these Saturday mornings’ Christians were led to a greater understanding of Biblical truth and then repentance in different area’s of their life. Afterward, while everyone was standing, Jake began praying corporately for freedom in specific area’s. During this time, the Holy Spirit enforced Jesus’ Reign, and demons left quickly! Some demons came out with loud yelling, others with coughing or shaking, but they were real alright! These Christians experienced a great level of freedom once those area’s of their life had been free’d from the grip of the evil one! That’s what matters! 

The last story was on Sunday morning. After Jake’s teaching on Healing, the ministry team stood up to share any impression or words they got from the Holy Spirit. I shared a sensation I got in my right shoulder, knowing it was indicating healing for someone in the room. As those stood who had a condition that was being described by any of the team, we began to pray, corporately. A few got healed right there during the corporate prayer! One man told me that last week he had come up for healing for his shoulder and nothing happened after prayer. All week he was thinking and praying about it, so when I shared the word I got this past Sunday, he knew it was for him and was instantly healed while standing in the crowd! Praise Jesus for His victory! What fun!!

There were other stories, some may be more dramatic, others not as outwardly showy; All demonstrate the Kingdom of God coming on earth as it is in Heaven! 

I know Jake, myself and many of you have been pressing into Jesus in prayer, asking for more of this to be released in Lancaster! Together, let’s believe God for ministry much like Jesus’ time:

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.” Acts 10:38 NIV

We’re not fully there yet, but Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever (Heb. 13:8), so i’m going to keep believing for it!

It was an eventful weekend! Time to hunker down in prayer this week before the trip to Michigan this weekend!

Do you have any testimonies from this past couple weeks? 
What’s your take on “deliverance from demons?”

Tell me about it on Facebook or comment here! 

-Joel Bomberger

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Our journey to marriage and the mission field

Every night at 10:02  I have a reminder set on my phone to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send (“ekballo”) laborers into the harvest, based on the Bible verse Luke 10:2. Every night I contend for more laborers, more evangelists and people to fulfill God’s call on their lives. Several times during Amy and I’s engagement this timer has interrupted a time of fear or grief concerning the future and our marriage. It was God’s gentle reminder of His plan for our lives that is much bigger than we even have sight for. Let me share a little bit more about what Ekballo means, and our story of being thrust into the harvest field in this last year.
The Word Ekballo is a Greek word from the Bible, the Word is used in Luke 10:2 and Matthew 9:28 when Jesus says to pray for laborers to be SENT into the harvest. There, it’s translated SEND, however, Ekballo is the exact same word that is used when Jesus CASTS OUT demons from people. It means a violent thrusting, driving out or sending forth; not a gentle nudge or suggestion. As Lou Engle puts it, “when Jesus casts out demons from people, demons have to go; when God sends out laborers, laborers have to go!” This is God’s will, for laborers to be sent as missionaries, as its one of the only things Jesus clearly commands us to pray. God is in the business of sending, or “ekballo”‘ing laborers into His harvest field. There are many people out there dying, but are actually ready to hear the Gospel and give their lives to Jesus. The harvest is ripe, the laborers are few as both those verses in Luke and Mathew make mention. 
Matthew 9:36-38 ” Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like a sheep without a Shepherd. Then he said to His disciples, “the Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out (Ekballo) workers into His harvest.” 
One of our leaders once said that being Ekballo’d should feel a little bit like you’re in a slingshot. Your feeling the tension of the straps all around you, getting pulled back further and further until you know that one day you’re going to be released and hurled into the harvest, kept on course by a loving Creator and Papa, God. These past 6 months Amy and I have felt the straps of God’s slingshot tighten around us, pointing us away from our plans and towards joining together as one in marriage and into missions (the harvest.) We’ve both felt the struggle in these past 6 months as our plans were interrupted by God. 
Though our plan may have been to stay single for longer, get a good job and or establish ourselves, God broke in with a clear call. These promptings have come through dreams and impressions and unusual favor as we discussed the future while dating, God had a plan greater than ours. We’ve had to wrestle with the difficulty of getting married at age 19 and 20, the hardships of raising support and giving up “normal” lives, jobs and interests. Being Ekballo’d has had it’s moments of tears, frustration and difficulty.  He lovingly guided us saying ‘NO DELAY’, that NOW is the time to start a family with the goal of plundering the pits of hell, to reap a harvest of souls and pursue His presence. Through the tension, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We fell more and more in love with eachother, more dedicated to God and full of faith for the future. We’ve found joy in selling it all, we’re putting it ALL in the field of the Kingdom of God.
Matthew 13:44 “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all the he has and buys that field.” 

In everything, God works in tensions, much like the balance of God’s complete sovereignty and man’s free will. Of course Amy and I got married because we love eachother and want to spend the rest of our lives together. Of course we’re celebrating our marriage as a union of two people who fell in love. However, behind it all, God also has an underlying plan to launch us into the harvest as a couple. Knowing two is better than one and this is the avenue God is using for both of us to be most fruitful. 

Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:”
Comment and let us know how you feel God’s call on your life. Whether that’s in the workforce, YWAM, school or anywhere!
We’re on the verge of the greatest harvest we’ve ever seen and you are apart! Take courage!
-Joel Bomberger