Cadre Coffee

Joel loves Coffee! It’s not aBrewing Coffee in Chemexbout the amount he drinks, it’s about the quality in the cup. 
He’s engaged in the Specialty Coffee Industry and loves to run Pop-up brew bars for events, consult others and teach and train.

He’s been devoted to being a Coffee Barista for almost 2 years and has had mentoring and partnership with others who have been in the industry for over 10 years. Practicing, studying and having volunteered at US Barista Championship, he can make you an extraordinary cup of coffee; and tell you everything about the process too!

“Wow, i’ve never tasted coffee like that” – Is often heard when Joel exposes people to specialty coffee.

You can request for him to run a unique pour over coffee brew bar for your wedding or event. You can also utilize him to teach on the subject of speciality coffee or help your coffee shop dive into “third wave” specialty coffee.

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